About UMSA Org

UMSA (Upper Midwest Security Alliance) is an alliance of security and risk-related organizations. As a nonprofit founded in 2004, UMSA serves business, government and education professionals in the upper Midwest, collaborating with professional associations, educators and industry-leading companies to provide professional development opportunities that contribute to a stronger security foundation for organizations.

What is blockchain and what does it mean for cybersecurity?

As pointed out by United States defense analysts, an increase in threats to the country’s national security has led to the Pentagon experimenting with blockchain technologies. So has the United States military, using the technology to prevent potential terrorists and hackers from compromising military networks. Despite its increased use by the government and military, blockchain […]

Employee leaving? Make sure your information doesn’t go with them.

Typically, when an employee leaves the company, the HR department is quick to grab the employee’s laptop. But what about the data on other equipment? How can the organization know what’s on the employee’s mobile devices? Does anyone know to which websites and cloud-based software the employee has access? Here’s how IT (working with HR) […]

How to justify your cybersecurity budget

For security officers, justifying a cybersecurity budget to key decision makers can come with some challenges. With the number of new cyber risks growing every year, companies have to spend money on areas of data and cybersecurity where they may not have been in the past. In typical budgeting fashion, most organizations make budget decisions […]

Cybersecurity protection: Retail style

In recent years, retailers have become all too familiar with industry peers experiencing massive cyber incidents and the financial (and reputation) repercussions that come along with those incidents. In fact, retailers have seen a record 1,093 data breaches last year­­–up 40% year over year. For many cybercriminals, retailers are the golden prize because of the […]

How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 5 tips

How can you talk to your employees about cybersecurity without making them fall asleep? Not always the most entertaining subject to speak on, however, cybersecurity is an issue that affects every one of your employees, and if you’re not addressing this threat the right way, chances are the impact and importance of cyber protection will […]

Cookies are taking on a whole new meaning – Girl Scouts announce a cybersecurity badge!

Need a cybersecurity expert? No fear, Girl Scouts in training are here. Girl Scouts of the USA and Palo Alto Networks has announced a collaboration to introduce a series of 18 cybersecurity badges for girls, grades K-12. The badges, which will help Scouts explore opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) while building leadership […]

As security budgets continue to increase, why does cybercrime too?

Why are the increased investments in cybersecurity not enough to curb the relentless growth in cybercrime?  Though this specific question can cause a lot of uncomfortable and defensive reactions from security specialists and organizations everywhere, it must be asked. Traditionally, the lack of adequate budget has been the number one challenge that many cybersecurity specialists […]

Can smart cars be outsmarted?

Major automakers such as Google and Tesla are racing to build fully autonomous cars, creating a future where people of all ages and locations can get around easier. These future smart cars could also help dramatically reduce the annual deaths that result from automobile accidents. However, like connected vehicles and their onboard multimedia systems, these […]

The FBI’s Role in Cyber Security

“The importance of partnerships like law enforcement cyber task forces and alliances with industry cannot be overstated. Those partnerships help develop early awareness of, and a coordinated, proactive response to, the crime problem. The cybercrime problem is constantly changing, requiring law enforcement to develop a flexible and dynamically evolving approach as well.” – The […]

2017 Secure360 Recap – Balancing the act of security

We just wrapped up our 12th year of our Twin Cities Secure 360 conference and it was one of our best conferences yet! This year we hosted our ever-growing event at a new location – The Minneapolis Convention Center. This year’s theme was “The balancing act of security”, however, we balanced a lot more than […]