As security budgets continue to increase, why does cybercrime too?

Why are the increased investments in cybersecurity not enough to curb the relentless growth in cybercrime?  Though this specific question can cause a lot of uncomfortable and defensive reactions from security specialists and organizations everywhere, it must be asked. Traditionally, the lack of adequate budget has been the number one challenge that many cybersecurity specialists […]

Can smart cars be outsmarted?

Major automakers such as Google and Tesla are racing to build fully autonomous cars, creating a future where people of all ages and locations can get around easier. These future smart cars could also help dramatically reduce the annual deaths that result from automobile accidents. However, like connected vehicles and their onboard multimedia systems, these […]

The FBI’s Role in Cyber Security

“The importance of partnerships like law enforcement cyber task forces and alliances with industry cannot be overstated. Those partnerships help develop early awareness of, and a coordinated, proactive response to, the crime problem. The cybercrime problem is constantly changing, requiring law enforcement to develop a flexible and dynamically evolving approach as well.” – The […]

2017 Secure360 Recap – Balancing the act of security

We just wrapped up our 12th year of our Twin Cities Secure 360 conference and it was one of our best conferences yet! This year we hosted our ever-growing event at a new location – The Minneapolis Convention Center. This year’s theme was “The balancing act of security”, however, we balanced a lot more than […]

UMSA Introduces New Managing Director: Marie Strawser

UMSA would like to take a moment to announce and congratulate Marie Strawser, UMSA founder, as she begins her new leadership role as the Managing Director of UMSA this month. Marie has more than 15 years of experience in developing and sustaining agile, comprehensive, flexible, scalable enterprise-wide continuity programs in business continuity. Over the years, […]

What to expect at this year’s Secure360 Twin Cities event

Secure360 Twin Cities 2017 is days away and there is still room to attend! UMSA is a proud host of this year’s collaborative, multi-faceted conference that features expert security and risk management education. With over 1,500 attendees anticipated to attend, we are very excited for the festivities to begin. However, before the event starts, we encourage […]

Best information technology degrees

If you’re interested in the growing field of information technology, you can expect plenty of opportunities. Computer and information technology is expected to grow at double-digit rates in the years ahead as cloud computing, big data, mobile computing and computer networks all expand at a rapid pace. With this in my mind, here’s a look at […]

Thoughts on smart TVs: A growing security risk

In recent years, consumers have seen everything from lighting to refrigerators to heating systems becoming “smart”. In fact, there are now more smart items on the planet than humans, with an estimated 13.4 billion devices currently connected to the Internet. However, with the rise in smart devices, the issue of cyberattacks on these devices to […]

UMSA 101: Who, what and how to get involved

Are you a cybersecurity or risk professional looking for a way to connect with peers in the industry and grow your knowledge? Ever considered joining a cybersecurity organization? Well there’s no better time like the present! Learn more about Minnesota’s premiere cybersecurity organizations and associations—our UMSA affiliates! Our Affiliates Below is a listing of all […]

Is your data UBER safe on rideshare apps?

In recent years, you have most likely said or heard someone say “I’ll request an Uber”. Ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber have rapidly transformed the way we get around. In busy cities, getting a ride at the touch of a phone screen has proven to be a very successful despite the many questions around […]