5 ways to ensure your data is secure on the cloud

With so much valuable information stored on the cloud, how can you be sure it is protected from cybercriminals? We have some important protection measures and tips to help you tackle the issue of cloud privacy—share with others in your network who may be curious about protecting their data stored on the cloud. Back up […]

What to do if your company experiences a major data hack

If you have seen the headlines in the past few months, you know that companies are being hacked every day. If it’s not your company today, it could be tomorrow. The truth of the matter is small to large companies face this threat. However, though we know the number of cybersecurity breaches have increased every […]

Top 4 industries most vulnerable to cyber attacks

The reality of today’s technological world is that any company harboring sensitive customer information could become the target of an expert cybercriminal. However, there are certain industries that are more vulnerable to attacks than others. Here is a closer look at the most vulnerable industries against cybercriminals. Financial institutions   Financial institutions and banks are […]

Cybersecurity: A timeline

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the intricacy, effectiveness and scale of cyber attacks have evolved significantly. However, as cybercrime has become more sophisticated, so has the procedures and security to defend against it. Take a look at the following timeline of cybersecurity in the United States over the past 30 years. The first computer […]

What is cyber warfare?

The Fifth Domain Since the rise of the digital age, war is no longer only waged on physical ground. “We operate in five domains: air, land, sea, outer space and cyberspace,” says Dan Kuehl, manager of information operations at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. Acts of war that take place in cyberspace are […]

The best jobs in cybersecurity

  Professionals in cybersecurity are among the most sought-after experts in the tech sector, with demand for cyber workers growing every year. For job seekers looking for high pay, job security and the option to work in many different locations and sectors, the cybersecurity field can be an ideal path. So while a job cybersecurity […]

Protecting your data from cybercrime: A recap of our January Webtracks

Eric Ebner, president and CTO at Protocol 46 presented a great session during our January WebTrack webinar, “Protecting your data from cybercrime”. For those of you who were unable to attend the session, below is a recap of that presentation. What is cybersecurity? There are many different definitions depending on how your respond to and […]

Creating a cybersecurity culture

Today’s organizations are more concerned with cyberattacks than ever before. Traditionally, the solution to the problem was to continue to create stronger security for your network. However, more and more companies are beginning to realize that the real value is in creating a workplace culture that understands, prizes and implements cybersecurity. Problems with not having […]

Cybersecurity around the world

There is no such thing as “boundaries” to hackers. Through phishing scams and ransomware there are many opportunities for a cybercrime to happen anywhere in the world. While we mainly focus on American cybercrimes, we don’t hear so much about countries combating these high-tech information heists. Which countries are best prepared? The World Economic Forum’s […]

Five ways to strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity in 2017

An increase in the number of reported cyberattacks in 2016 indicates that businesses still need to do a lot more to minimize their security risk. As data breaches continue to surface and cybersecurity incidents grow exponentially in frequency, size and cost, being prepared is the only effective strategy. So what should businesses be doing to […]