Why move to the cloud? These are the benefits

Due to its exponential growth in recent years, cloud computing is no longer considered an emerging, new-age technology. As the move to the cloud spreads from the largest of enterprises to the smallest of businesses, we inspected this trend further and compiled a short list of some of the benefits of cloud storage for your […]

‘Tis the season for cyber crime

If you participated in Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving during which retailers offer exclusive deals and sales for online purchases only, you weren’t alone. Shoppers spent $3.45 billion this past Monday, an increase from 2015’s high of $2.29 billion. And though Cyber Monday is a massive sales day, for most it’s merely a kickoff […]

Getting hacked is getting really expensive

As security experts, you know firsthand that getting hacked is really expensive for your company. The average cost of a data breach hit a whopping $4 million this year, representing a 29% increase since 2013, according to 2016 Ponemon Institute and IBM data, which released a report on the topic. Among the key findings reported: […]

How far should organizations go to ensure mobile device privacy?

The ability of IT departments to monitor employees is nothing new. Before mobile devices, these capabilities were typically limited to company-issued technologies like computers, emails, browser history and network traffic. However, today, as more employees use their own smartphones and tablets for both work and personal tasks, IT potentially has access to significantly more sensitive […]

The challenges of incident response plans and procedures

As security professionals, you are fully aware of the vital importance of having an efficient incident response team. However, with the sheer volume of daily alerts many departments experience, it has become increasingly impossible for companies to hire a large enough staff to investigate all the issues in an effective and realistic time period. With […]

Password changes: mandatory or a nuisance?

Many who have worked in an office setting have had to deal with a job that requires them to continuously change their passwords on their work accounts. This longstanding IT security practice stems from the idea that flushing out old passwords will deter cyber criminals from figuring them out. And as security and risk professionals, […]

Don’t be haunted by work email practices

Email may feel like a private, one-to-one conversation safe from prying eyes. However, the truth is, email is about as confidential as telling a secret to a gossipy friend. Especially when emails are sent at work, management can legally monitor it. Bottom line—it’s important to understand what privacy expectations to have when sending emails at work. Email at work for employees  It is standard practice that when you begin a […]

Fundamentals of a good security program

Trends in IT security are constantly changing but the fundamentals of a good security program for your company will always remain the same. Here is a list of the basic components of an any information security program, containing the essential and timeless elements behind any successful security program. Information security policy for the organization An information […]

Social media: A cyber criminal’s playground

  Social media is a cyber criminal’s dream—many times unregulated, highly visible and easily exploitable platforms that are used daily by millions of people around the world. Through the years, many fraudulent accounts have been created for the sole purpose of carrying out cyber-attacks. Since most victims are completely unsuspecting, inexperienced cyber criminals can very easily carry out low-tech attacks via social media […]

Effectively explaining security metrics to leadership

Metrics, when used effectively, can identify strengths and weaknesses in an organization’s security, risk or business continuity programs and provide valuable information to management. However, many times the metrics that security professionals track are not easily understood by executives. Often times there is a disconnect between what executives should be told and how that information […]