How to make your employees care about cybersecurity: 5 tips

How can you talk to your employees about cybersecurity without making them fall asleep? Not always the most entertaining subject to speak on, however, cybersecurity is an issue that affects every one of your employees, and if you’re not addressing this threat the right way, chances are the impact and importance of cyber protection will […]

The FBI’s Role in Cyber Security

“The importance of partnerships like law enforcement cyber task forces and alliances with industry cannot be overstated. Those partnerships help develop early awareness of, and a coordinated, proactive response to, the crime problem. The cybercrime problem is constantly changing, requiring law enforcement to develop a flexible and dynamically evolving approach as well.” – The […]

2017 Secure360 Recap – Balancing the act of security

We just wrapped up our 12th year of our Twin Cities Secure 360 conference and it was one of our best conferences yet! This year we hosted our ever-growing event at a new location – The Minneapolis Convention Center. This year’s theme was “The balancing act of security”, however, we balanced a lot more than […]

What to expect at this year’s Secure360 Twin Cities event

Secure360 Twin Cities 2017 is days away and there is still room to attend! UMSA is a proud host of this year’s collaborative, multi-faceted conference that features expert security and risk management education. With over 1,500 attendees anticipated to attend, we are very excited for the festivities to begin. However, before the event starts, we encourage […]

Best information technology degrees

If you’re interested in the growing field of information technology, you can expect plenty of opportunities. Computer and information technology is expected to grow at double-digit rates in the years ahead as cloud computing, big data, mobile computing and computer networks all expand at a rapid pace. With this in my mind, here’s a look at […]

Is your data UBER safe on rideshare apps?

In recent years, you have most likely said or heard someone say “I’ll request an Uber”. Ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber have rapidly transformed the way we get around. In busy cities, getting a ride at the touch of a phone screen has proven to be a very successful despite the many questions around […]

5 ways to ensure your data is secure on the cloud

With so much valuable information stored on the cloud, how can you be sure it is protected from cybercriminals? We have some important protection measures and tips to help you tackle the issue of cloud privacy—share with others in your network who may be curious about protecting their data stored on the cloud. Back up […]

Cybersecurity: A timeline

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, the intricacy, effectiveness and scale of cyber attacks have evolved significantly. However, as cybercrime has become more sophisticated, so has the procedures and security to defend against it. Take a look at the following timeline of cybersecurity in the United States over the past 30 years. The first computer […]

What is cyber warfare?

The Fifth Domain Since the rise of the digital age, war is no longer only waged on physical ground. “We operate in five domains: air, land, sea, outer space and cyberspace,” says Dan Kuehl, manager of information operations at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. Acts of war that take place in cyberspace are […]

Protecting your data from cybercrime: A recap of our January Webtracks

Eric Ebner, president and CTO at Protocol 46 presented a great session during our January WebTrack webinar, “Protecting your data from cybercrime”. For those of you who were unable to attend the session, below is a recap of that presentation. What is cybersecurity? There are many different definitions depending on how your respond to and […]