Cybersecurity protection: Retail style

In recent years, retailers have become all too familiar with industry peers experiencing massive cyber incidents and the financial (and reputation) repercussions that come along with those incidents. In fact, retailers have seen a record 1,093 data breaches last year­­–up 40% year over year. For many cybercriminals, retailers are the golden prize because of the […]

As security budgets continue to increase, why does cybercrime too?

Why are the increased investments in cybersecurity not enough to curb the relentless growth in cybercrime?  Though this specific question can cause a lot of uncomfortable and defensive reactions from security specialists and organizations everywhere, it must be asked. Traditionally, the lack of adequate budget has been the number one challenge that many cybersecurity specialists […]

Can smart cars be outsmarted?

Major automakers such as Google and Tesla are racing to build fully autonomous cars, creating a future where people of all ages and locations can get around easier. These future smart cars could also help dramatically reduce the annual deaths that result from automobile accidents. However, like connected vehicles and their onboard multimedia systems, these […]

The FBI’s Role in Cyber Security

“The importance of partnerships like law enforcement cyber task forces and alliances with industry cannot be overstated. Those partnerships help develop early awareness of, and a coordinated, proactive response to, the crime problem. The cybercrime problem is constantly changing, requiring law enforcement to develop a flexible and dynamically evolving approach as well.” – The […]

Thoughts on smart TVs: A growing security risk

In recent years, consumers have seen everything from lighting to refrigerators to heating systems becoming “smart”. In fact, there are now more smart items on the planet than humans, with an estimated 13.4 billion devices currently connected to the Internet. However, with the rise in smart devices, the issue of cyberattacks on these devices to […]

5 ways to ensure your data is secure on the cloud

With so much valuable information stored on the cloud, how can you be sure it is protected from cybercriminals? We have some important protection measures and tips to help you tackle the issue of cloud privacy—share with others in your network who may be curious about protecting their data stored on the cloud. Back up […]

What to do if your company experiences a major data hack

If you have seen the headlines in the past few months, you know that companies are being hacked every day. If it’s not your company today, it could be tomorrow. The truth of the matter is small to large companies face this threat. However, though we know the number of cybersecurity breaches have increased every […]

What is cyber warfare?

The Fifth Domain Since the rise of the digital age, war is no longer only waged on physical ground. “We operate in five domains: air, land, sea, outer space and cyberspace,” says Dan Kuehl, manager of information operations at the National Defense University in Washington D.C. Acts of war that take place in cyberspace are […]

Creating a cybersecurity culture

Today’s organizations are more concerned with cyberattacks than ever before. Traditionally, the solution to the problem was to continue to create stronger security for your network. However, more and more companies are beginning to realize that the real value is in creating a workplace culture that understands, prizes and implements cybersecurity. Problems with not having […]

Cybersecurity around the world

There is no such thing as “boundaries” to hackers. Through phishing scams and ransomware there are many opportunities for a cybercrime to happen anywhere in the world. While we mainly focus on American cybercrimes, we don’t hear so much about countries combating these high-tech information heists. Which countries are best prepared? The World Economic Forum’s […]