Cyber security training for UMSA member organizations

UMSA is partnering with The Open Source Technology Alliance (T0STA) on the first of a series of Minnesota Job Skills Partnership [MJSP] grant proposals. Funding from the grant will be used to create a comprehensive cyber security curriculum and training program for UMSA member organizations.

“The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats – including targeting phishing scams, data theft and other online vulnerabilities – demand that we that we remain vigilant about securing  our systems and information,” says UMSA President Mike Kelly.

It is anticipated the training program will launch in early spring of 2014. The training is made possible through a grant from the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership [MJSP] program. MJSP is a part of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development [DEED]. The training will be developed by cyber security professionals and will be delivered by in-person class attendance at Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park campus. Participants also have the choice to log in to class remotely online.

This new cyber security training is free; the only requirement for employers that choose to send employees to the training is to continue to pay the employee’s salary and benefits during the training period.

Training modules

The cyber security curriculum will include training modules in the areas of:

  • Cyber Security Management
  • Legal, Auditing and Compliance issues
  • Computer Security
  • Network Security Practices
  • Linux/Unix System and Network Security
  • Microsoft System and Network Security
  • Secure software development
  • Ethical hacking and network penetration assessment
  • Computer systems disaster recovery and computer forensics

For additional information regarding how your organization can participate in this cyber security training  opportunity, view the cyber security training program brochure or contact Ron Fresquez
or call Ron at: (952) 922.6734.

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About Ron Fresquez

Ron Fresquez is the CEO/Founder of The Open Source Technology Alliance (TOSTA) and TOSTA Information Security Training Services. TOSTA was founded in 2006 and is a collaborative exchange for private and public sector organizations and educational institutions interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of open source software and information security, topics that Ron has written numerous white papers about.

Ron has a BA from the University of St. Thomas and an MBA in Medical Technology Management. He lives in Edina and enjoys sailing, fly fishing, golf, collecting rare Audubon prints and spending time with his family.


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