OWASP October Chapter Meeting: The OWASP Project, DefectDojo Tool

Date:10/26/2017 | Time: 6:00 - 8:00PM


DefectDojo was created in 2013 when one security engineer at Rackspace stupidly opened his mouth in front of his leadership team. Vulnerability management is traditionally tedious, time consuming, and mentally draining. DefectDojo attempts to streamline vulnerability management with automation centered around templating, report generation, metrics, scanner consolidation, and baseline self-service tools. DefectDojo is currently used by multiple large enterprises and has twenty contributors. It has made several engineers’ lives much easier, and it can help you too. Got a ton of findings to consolidate and report on? DefectDojo has you covered. Need to have a dashboard of your team’s work? DefectDojo has you covered. Tired of boilerplate report generation? DefectDojo does that for you. Come check out how to make vulnerability management less painful and speed up your appsec program in this talk with demo.

About the speaker:

Greg Anderson is the project leader and creator of OWASP DefectDojo. Greg was also a chapter leader of San Antonio for two years.  His recent work has focused on advanced security automation to get the most out of application security programs.

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