Secure360 has evolved through the years to become a mainstay for the security community.  I doubt the InfraGard Minnesota Members Alliance – or any other single UMSA organization – could single-handedly put such a fantastic conference together.  It’s really the collective strength of many key organizations that forms the foundation of our success.

Since partnering with UMSA, we’ve experienced greater visibility and exposure to potential new members. We’ve also been able to participate in the greater information security community through supporting Secure360 and other opportunities. We are excited to be a part of the expanded mission and vision of UMSA.

UMSA has been a truly collaborative partner of Advance IT Minnesota since its founding. We are grateful for its support of our state-wide initiatives, including the annual Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition, the Cybersecurity Skills Innovation boot camps, and our initiatives to advance awareness and engagement of learners across the educational spectrum, from high schools to college and beyond. UMSA is unique in its vision, and continues to evolve successfully to address the common goals of its diverse members.

Firasat Khan