WebTracks Webinar | Andrew Plato presents: Future SOC: Codify and Automate

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WebTracks Webinar | Andrew Plato presents: Future SOC: Codify and Automate

February 20 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Andrew Plato is the founder and CEO of Anitian, the oldest security intelligence company in the nation. In 1995, while working on an early e-commerce website at Microsoft, Andrew hacked into the site using a SQL injection style attack. When the developers of the site incorrectly dismissed this hack as harmless, Andrew became inspired to start Anitian and help organizations understand the complexities of cybersecurity. Today, Andrew and Anitian serve thousands of clients worldwide with a complete suite of managed security and compliance products and services.

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Every breach tells a story, and most of them end with the same lesson: we are the problem. Humans and our static, on-premise, old-school, castle-mentality of security. It does not work anymore. We make mistakes, which hackers quickly exploit. The complexity of information security has outgrown our human capacity.
The only way to get ahead of this expanding threat is to automate. This means letting go of all those racks of NGFWs and SIEMs and codifying security using the power and scale of the cloud.

When environments are codified, compliance and security become easy. There is no remembering to deploy things. There is no manual checking.  Controls and configurations are integrated into the code, and therefore always deployed, and always configured correctly. Moreover, monitoring and remediation can also be automated, accelerating incident response to levels well beyond the capacity of humans.

However, codifying an environment is a profound change for many organizations.  Existing tools, techniques, and technologies do not directly translate to the cloud.  In this presentation, we will discuss how to you can start on the path to security codification and automation. We will demonstrate how you can build and configure an entire security infrastructure using cloud automation.

Attendees will learn the following from this presentation:

  • The benefits of a fully automated, cloud environment
  • How codifying not only dramatically accelerates security, it also makes it more reliable and consistent.
  • Building blocks for infosec next


February 20
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm